Sunday, March 30, 2014

Wishing and Hoping

I have been avoiding writing posts, as we have hit several snags in the closing process. I was feeling a bit like I would jinx the process if I said anything about it prematurely. We are nearing the one year mark of being under contract but still not being home owners. I have voracious periods of excitement and activity where I plan and read about new innovations in heating and insulation all in order to better prepare myself for the renovation. Then of course, as a closing continues to elude us, I fall into a sad frustrated state where waiting has me tied in knots and unable to function in other areas of my life. I am tired and yet frustratingly hopeful.

The mortgage process has been exhausting as well, since to date, we have updated all of our financial information twice and are looking at a third time before all is said and done. Our interest rate is floating and it is all I can do to distract myself from the daily fluctuations in interest rates.

Some of my reasons for avoiding writing about the process have become my main motivation for picking this back up again. I started this home blog to document the process of renovation and transformation of an ailing property into a home. It seems that the longer it takes to close, the more a piece of a process the waiting has become. It is now an integral part of my everyday life and I have to find and share the silver linings or it will drive me mad.

One good thing to come from the excruciating wait has been discovering the property is part of a National Historic block. This sets us up to be eligible for 20% back on approved renovations, including but not limited to exterior paint, windows, roofing, insulation, electric and plumbing. I have called to get some information but now that a closing is within sight, I have a few hours dedicated to calling in and starting a file along with beginning the application process.

Who knows, a few more months could pass in court and we'll still be waiting and I may lose this forward momentum, but while I have it, and a glimmer of hope, I thought I'd share.