Monday, March 6, 2017

Out of Town

I've been back in NY for a few weeks now. From the day I got back it has been nonstop. Good things are happening but first, a recap.

I was in Florida singing in St. Petersburg Opera's production of Elixir. It was a glorious month of singing and running along the beach. I was preparing for my first 30k and my first trail run that followed on the heals of my gig.

But first, Christopher and I went to DISNEY WORLD! He has a lot of out of town gigs coming up this spring and we desperately needed a break from the house. Reality got a bit unbearable, so we went full on Disney. We spent a week on property and ate our selves silly. We tried to hit up a bunch of restaurants and dining experiences we'd never tried before and likewise, tried something new at the parks and resorts each day. I typically don't seek out anything golfing related but we tried the Winter Summerland putt-putt courses and I had a great time. It was easy enough that I didn't feel like I was struggling all the time. I suppose it was designed to make it more kid friendly; they succeeded.

After our week of gluttony, we headed to Steamboat Springs, CO for snow shoeing then to Moab, UT for the Moab Red Hot run. Dude. I am hooked. It was the most single physically demanding event I've ever taken part of and the most scenically spectacular. I found myself turning off my music and enjoying the land as I ran, climbed, walked, struggled, across the rocks and sand. I even managed to beat my expectations of finish time. I can't wait to try something like it again. I am currently on the hunt for my next trail run. Suggestions are welcome.

The day after the run we spent oogling at and hiking around (I did a little limping) Arches National Park. 

 Then, home again home again, jiggety-jig. Back to resubmitting paperwork, lost AGAIN by the DOB. Shame on them. I can't even begin to wrap my head around how they are allowed to get away with continually screwing up with no repercussions. They are being careless not only with buildings and projects in the community but with people's lives. I'm beyond disgusted but onward. And onward. Fingers crossed good news is just around the corner.

Until then, I have started working on our interior doors and will be working on restoring our front door and surround once the weather warms up a bit. I'm now working for a door restoration company in the area and learning a lot of fun things like reveneering, glazing, etc. I'll be paid to work on our doors too. Not a bad set up, plus I'm enjoying the work.

I'm headed into tech week with Loft Opera here in the city but hope to be digging into tiling BOTH kitchen back splashes and reglazing some interior doors in the next several weeks. Until then here are some photos of the progress at my folks' Bed-Stuy reno.

bathroom tiling progress, new trim work, new flooring