Friday, October 2, 2015

New Plumber

Our contractor showed up this morning with the plumber to go over the project with him. As he crossed into the house, the first of many pipes popped at the seam. I like to think that it was luck that kept those pipes together since February. We did loose water for a bit in the house, and are still without hot water and use our shower, but the plumber immediately sprung into action. (Water leak pun intended.) He had the one leak fixed in no time, and cut loose the old brass pipes to the basement bathroom. A few other leaks popped up after he left, and I am rather hopeful he will make it back before the end of day to fix them. 

We are on our way to work as I type this so I am hopeful, but not expecting it. The plumber wasn't planning on starting work today so I am greatful he was there walking through while the leaks begin to spring in the first place. 

In the end, looks like we are getting all new pipes as Brass is Wack, yo. Copper (and pex) is where it is at, and while the basement is a yawning pit of doom, we are going to fix it up right. 

The electrician also walked through today. We went through the scope of work and once again, I am very happy with the contractor's regular crew. 

Before the rain began falling inside and out, I did get the last of the peeling paint scraped from the original railing out front. It is all painted up in rust inhibiting red, next year's pantone color of the year, and ready for it's final coat of basic black. 

But for now, we're off to wait some tables. Times Square, here we come.