Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Time is of the Essence

Once we finally get into the building, whenever that may be, it will be a race against the clock to get the renovations done and a renter into the second floor unit.

We have a list of structural and mechanical modifications/updates that we need to take care of:

* Update electrical
* Update plumbing - add laundry in upper two units, add dishwasher in upper two units
* Insulate
* Evaluate roof - white roof
* Add more heating ducts and look into the possibility of running a/c in the future.
* Re-work the railroad layouts, keeping the upper unit a 3 bedroom, modifying the 1st floor unit into a 2 bedroom
* Remove the wall added between kitchen and living room in the upper unit and open the space even further in both units.
* Add closets
* Add transoms to filter light throughout the building.

Then we have a list of cosmetic updates that will entice prospective apartment hunters upstairs and make us happy to live in the building downstairs. These design decisions are what I spend most of my time pondering, following new potential layouts.

I've collected a bunch of inspirational images from the internet and have developed a pretty good idea of what we'll do to both units.

Future Owner's Unit Bathroom: