Monday, March 21, 2016

Demo and Drywall

Could there be any more demo? Yes, the answer is always yes. The pot of gold at the end of this never ending rainbow of fun is that the drywall and plaster patching has begun! I couldn't be more ecstatic!!

After months, nay a year, of looking at some of the most horrific plaster : curdled cream ceilings, yellow peeling tendrils of cigarette infused paint, holes upon holes that were progressively added to by our esteemed HVAC contractors who performed their work liberally with a hammer and a dash of laissez-faire. I am ecstatic for the drywall and plaster crew to be making progress. Did I already mention that? Perhaps I did, but I was distracted by the glorious photo of Christopher and myself in our adult onesies. Why you ask? (Personally I'm surprised it took you this long to ask that vital question or perhaps you were so shocked into a comatose state of utter disbelief). Either way, the Adventure Time onesies both exemplify our childlike joy at the glory of the 2nd floor walls being covered up, and secondly, my friend promised cookies if I posted it. There you go, cookies conquer all, even your gentile sensibles. 

Now, a parade of drywall photos...

Laundry closet - wet walls left open for plumbing inspection

Kitchen looking into Dining & Living Room

Kitchen BEFORE The Fix. Notice just how yellow those walls look against the new white. Don't Smoke Kids!
Kitchen AFTER - notice the LACK of yellow
Christopher super thrilled to be returning to demo work. Just look at those results. 
That's all for now! Plaster contractors are hard at work and we're anxiously awaiting our plumbing inspection.