Monday, July 22, 2013

Gearing Up

Here it goes. Ready for take off. Another grand adventure on the horizon in a line of grand adventures. This one takes us to Ridgewood, Queens. I hadn't heard of Ridgewood before beginning our fine quest. When I mention that we are purchasing a property in Ridgewood, most people respond, "Ridgewood, New Jersey?" Not exactly.

It took us only a few short days of house hunting to find Ridgewood on-line. But it took a visit there, along with some internet research, to convince me that purchasing there would be a good idea. The most compelling reason of course is that we were priced out of Astoria, Jackson  Heights, Sunnyside, you name it. The beautiful thing about Ridgewood's current anonymity is that we found just what we were looking for, and we could afford to take the plunge. 

Now that I am aware of what an awesome neighborhood and opportunity it is, I can't seem to stop finding little nuggets about it stashed here and there on the internet. Frankly, I think it is pushing it when Realtors hype it as the New East Williamsburg. But, I can't blame them for trying. Williamsburg did well for them. But Ridgewood has its own heart and soul. It seems relatively unchanged and untouched structurally since it was built. I see great brick exteriors still unclad, trees lining streets and I am excited about getting to know this community and our new surroundings better.

We are babes in a new land. We've wandered around the neighborhood some, walked from the property to the various subway stops, wandered over to where the grocery, post office, and other various service are. So far, it seems super convenient and comfortable. We won't really get a strong feel for the character until we move in and start our day to day routine there though. At first that routine will be all consuming as we renovate two units, work and head into the thick of audition season.

But for now, we are crossing our fingers and working hard to ensure we do everything we can to have this deal go through. It may seem a bit premature to start a blog based off of a house we haven't closed on, but after months of anxiety and waiting, I feel I need a place to positively plan for the future. So here's to hopes, dreams, planning, hard work, determination and execution. Let's make this dream a reality. And if I've learned anything from the opera stage, it is that practice here will inevitably help you with execution there, no matter where that performance may be.

(Exterior of the building from Long Island MLS)

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