Thursday, April 2, 2015


What is NYSERDA you ask? Awesomeness I say.

It is a free home energy assessment - Assisted Home Performance with Energy Star, to be exact. 

Qualifying homes can apply for and receive a free assessment to determine where the home is losing and abusing energy. 

A super helpful professional from Brooklyn Green Home Solutions came over and spent several hours looking at all aspects of our house to determine what areas are negatively affecting the energy efficiency of our home. Could it be the windows that don't close or perhaps the door that isn't a door that I stuffed towels around to quiet the random squalls happening in the living room? Or perhaps the lack of insulation, EVERYWHERE?

The energy assessment even included a look at our boiler and furnace, catching a slow gas leak. Which I quickly took care of; I'll be sleeping more soundly tonight. 

Welcome to...The Danger ZONE! 

We will receive our full report including recommended projects in the next few days. After which, here's the coolest part, we receive 50% off of approved energy related improvements up to $5,000. Way to go Energy Star. Way to go blower door test. 

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