Saturday, June 13, 2015

Waiting, and Not Waiting

We have new steps! The small dog LOVES these. It took her a few days to get used to using them instead of her human elevator. But now, there's no waiting to ascend or descend, just boogie on down. And with the summer weather, it has been awesome to be able to just step outside and cool off in the evenings.

We're waiting to hear back from the National Historic Tax Credit Program. We're waiting for our finalized plans. We're waiting for our expediter to being pulling permits. We're waiting to hear back about ordering windows for the back of the property. We're waiting, we're waiting, we're waiting.

However, we are not waiting for the second floor tenant to move out! Huzzah! After 4 months of being in the drivers seat of the housing court proceedings, the tenant finally left. This is in addition to over a year of housing court BEFORE we closed on the property. The tenant story is huge and amazingly complex with a little bit, okay, a lot of crazy mixed in.  But, a large part of the delay was still due to the previous owners attempting in multiple ways to wiggle their way out of the sale. The property was under contract to be delivered vacant. They only made any steps to provide the property as such, under threat. Once they were finally convinced we would still close on the property with the tenant(s) still in place, they decided to sign another lease with another tenant in the basement of the property... which is not recognized as a separate apartment unit, I will add. This has been a bit trickier to deal with as we only learned about this tenant on the day before closing during the walk through. They were not there during the initial showing, nor were they there during any subsequent inspections. In truth, their "lease" was signed the day before our first real closing date was to occur. The sellers also, according to the "lease", took a deposit, which they refused to admit to having at closing time. In essence, they stole the deposit as they had no intention on ever paying it back to anyone. That aside,

This first particular real closing date never occurred due to sellers telling us that they had a death in the family and they requested a religious mourning period of 100 days. In my mind, part truth, part evasion tactic. Seeing as how they blatantly disregarded the sale contract and signed a new ILLEGAL lease a day before we were to close, I find much of what they ever said suspect.

But the good news, the tenant has found a new place and put down their deposit. They will be moving out soon which takes away some of my late night worry and anxiety. Things are moving along.

And to top it all off, the construction crew, who I can't praise enough, is here hauling away all of the garbage left upstairs. Hoarders you know, they like to keep the strangest things. I spent a few hours yesterday deconstructing a man cave or sorts in one of the bedrooms. There was a lofted bed, a bar, tv mount, boxes of Spanish vhs pirated pornos. And to top it all off, everything was bedazzled with glass beads. It was a treat.

Welcome to the second floor unit, post clean up, pre clean out:



 Bedroom #1

 Bedroom #2

Bedroom #3 (Man Cave)

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