Friday, November 20, 2015

To Covet

The hunky contractors are busily framing out the new bathroom/laundry room/closets in the upstairs unit. With luck and pixy dust, we'll be cooking on a real stove (exit crock pot stage left) and gathering in a mostly finished home for Christmas. I have had, and am probably currently having a panic attack. I invited my family to join us in NY for Christmas this year. What? Jump back! What sort of masochistic fool takes on a two unit full scale renovation project, while managing another project for her folks, while working in a Times Square restaurant (Holiday Season anyone?!), while singing a lead in an upcoming opera, while remembering to breath, while not screaming her head off because of her shear insanity? This sort: Hello.

Taking a brain break from my memorization, I decided to troll the internet for things I covet. Feast your eyes on these pretties.

House Number Lab gold leaf historic house numbers. For the time being, the crafty red painted numbering will live to face another sunrise.

A tiny giant of a soaking tub from Kohler. This bad boy is one of the only tubs small enough to fit our New York bathroom. Alas, we found one other less luxurious model after a week long nightmare of dinged and damaged tubs. Still, this is what our tub looks like in my mind.

Curvy and solid, just the way I like 'em, from House of Antique Hardware. Imagine these holding up antique walnut open shelving in our kitchen. That was fun. Moving along.

This ingenious jewel is the pièce de résistance What restoration project would be complete without an accurate replica of an antique icebox, but with all the modern conveniences of electricity! Just kidding, or am I?

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