Monday, May 9, 2016

Plumb Crazy

I finally made it back to NY after a harrowing day of travel from Natchez, Mississippi (cute town btw).  Flights were delayed, others re-routed. But I am here! I woke to great news from our plumber too - he's finished and ready to self inspect! I am anxiously, neurotically, awaiting the moment (hopefully next week) when we are given to all clear sign and can get these walls closed up.

As pretty as this all is,


Oh yeah, Happy Mother's Day!

All the pretty, shiny bits for the master bath are squirreled away in all the nooks and crannies of our house. Thankfully we have everything we need, minus the shower door. And oh, what a shower it will be, all 5'x3' of it. We don't have anything too fancy planned, but after years of dingy, cramped, molding, rotting, bathrooms, a clean new shower with room enough to put a SHOWER SEAT in it make me woozy with anticipation.

We aren't planning to tile in a shower seat, as I love the idea of keeping the full floor space available to twirl around in (don't judge). I also like the idea of keeping the tile install clean and simple. I have lived long enough with leaking, molding tiles to know I don't want a built in surface that can collect water and potentially leak. This is just me. I have seen plenty of gorgeous showers with built in seats, but for the amount of time I would actually spend sitting on it, I'd rather invest in a small stool to use for shaving that I can move about. Something like one of these:

The image on the left is a drool worthy shower from houzz. Now imagine something with half the budget but just as cool. The benches from top to bottom: Design Within Reach, Grandin Road, Signature Hardware

Since a glass shower door is out of the cards for this year, I'm also toying with the idea of getting a fun shower curtain to fill in rather than just a clear liner. I really have no color constraints which is exciting and daunting. So after an hour of obsessing over all the possible options, I've reverted into my hidey hole and decided a clear curtain is just fine, and in the budget.

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