Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Taking a Break

I discovered number one rule to home renovations these past few weeks. It isn't planning, budgeting, scheduling, etc. Nope. What is the number one rule you ask?

Take A Break.

Do it. Your body, mind and soul will thank you.

Step away from the full immersion in dust, debris and general upheaval.

It took traveling half way around the world to Botswana to realize I hadn't been sleeping. We went on a 10 day safari after spending a night in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. Only when surrounded by wild animals in the pitch dark did I come to terms with the horrible lack of sleep I have experienced over the last two years.

Elephants fighting, not a problem. Territorial lion calls, no biggie. Chatty hippos, bring it on. Screaming prey and hungry predators, these were the lullaby I never knew I needed.

Granted, I am a light sleeper and towards the beginning of our adventure, woke up many times over the course of the night. However, I didn't lay awake spiraling into a tizzy of worry over finances, design errors, measurements, part ordering, etc. Nope. Those were things that had very little to do with the life and death struggle of the African landscape that I found myself thrust into. Best experience of my life.

Plus, we had hot water.

Oh heavens, and the lodgings were SO much fancier than I'd anticipated. We'd brought headlamps and snacks expecting to be camping. Instead we found running water, electricity, solid floors and in most places solid walls, windows, doors and the decks with the views! I've included a selection of photos from our safari lodgings, in chronological order,  while in Botswana. If you're interested in animals and nature photos, feel free to check out my instagram. Once I get the house under control again ... hahahahaha ... I'll put together a more comprehensive post on our full experience. Best. Trip. Ever.

Chobe Game Lodge 
1. Bedroom 2. Private Bath
3. Public open air lounge space 4. Plunge pool
Savute Safari Lodge
1. Viewing deck and plunge pool 2. Room
3. Dining
4. Private deck 5. Private bathroom
Moremi Wildlife Reserve
1. Bedroom 2. Private viewing deck
3. Private bathroom

Camp Okavango
1. View entering lodge via boat 2. Private Room
3. Bedroom 4. Private viewing deck
5. Bathroom 6. Public open area lounge

Leroo La Tau
1. Room 2. Bathroom
3. View from bathroom
4. Dining area 5. Bar

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