Monday, July 6, 2015

Bathroom Plans

I've been busy tearing out all of the old things. Dreaming of replacing all of the ick with lots of pretty-shiny helps me stay motivated. The past few days I've been prying tiles off of the upstairs bathroom walls. It only seems fitting that I've also been spending a lot of time dreaming about what to replace the old mess with. I call it a mess because once again, I ran across sections of tile held up to the wall with tape. This time it was some sort of fabric medical tape. Unfortunately, not all the tile released it's cold steely grip so easily. Other LARGE patches seemed to have been attached to the wall with concrete and tears. The good news is that only a small patch remains. Tomorrow it will meet it's end. As for tonight, here's the dream:

Hall Bathrooms 1st and 2nd floor

  • Faucet - already purchase several from e-bay ~ Kohler Bancroft
  • Pedestal Sink - just picked this bad boy up including another faucet off of craigslist for $75! ~ Kohler Bancroft
  • Walls - white subway tile with gray grout
  • Floor - light blue Merola penny tile
  • Sconce - I have two of these as hand-me-downs ~ RH Dillon Single Sconce (or a look-a-like)

Only monkey wrench in the plan is that the upstairs tub is a beautiful shade of peach. Something like this bad boy below. There will be no replacement. The tub is in great shape, surprisingly, and it is a small 4 foot model which is damned near impossible to find and turns out that it also costs a fortune.

Master Bath 1st floor

  • Wall Tile - white subway with black liner
  • Floor Tile - 2" white hex 
  • Shower Tile - 1" black hex for the shower pan, nice and grippy*. 
  • Sconce - 2 RH Devon Sconces, another ebay score. $15 each!
  • Vanity - RH Espresso Cartwright. This was an amazing purchase made possible by a sale combined with a 33% off coupon. 
  • Paint - RH Light Silver Sage. I also picked this up using the 33% off coupon.
I'm feeling rather thrifty at the moment. I'm sure that is all about to implode as we purchased the windows for the rear elevation on Friday and are going to make the purchase for the front tomorrow.  I better get back to work. I have a lot of DIY moments in my future. 

*Spell check is trying to tell me grippy isn't a real word. Spell check is so 2014. I declare grippy the word of the day. Grippy grippy grippy.

**HA! Random House also declares grippy is real. This is not to be confused with hippogriff, which is not only a real word but a real magical creature probably hiding behind one of our walls or under the stairs. 

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