Sunday, April 17, 2016

Ikea Cabinets

Let the great building begin!

I thankfully labled all of the boxes months, and in some cases years, ago. I have the box labled "2nd floor knobs and pulls", "2nd floor hall bath lights", "2nd floor hall bath floor tile", and so on. In some cases I have completely forgotten what I purchased for certain rooms. Setiously, 2+ years is a long time to remember all of the details for two units and cram a good half a dozen opera scores into the remaining nooks and crannies of my addled brain. 

So yes, the sharpie is my memory and has prepared me well for the building to come. 

The workshop all set up and, ta-da!

With the magic of technology, FINISHED! 

It only took two 6 hour days, 3,589 squats, 3 fetal position breaks, 5 cups of coffee, and several cookies sent in a care package from an awesome friend (you know who you are). And after all that, I have the cabinets for our kitchen to look forward to. I even, crazy I know, offered to build the cabinets for my parents' brownstone in BedStuy. The new sektion cabinet model from ikea did seem to go together more smoothly than the last model I have dealt with. Or perhaps it just takes 5 or so to get into the ikea groove - dance steps to follow. 

In other news, Christopher is leaving town on a month long gig tonight. HE IS SINGING DON JOSE IN CARMEN AT NATCHEZ OPERA. I'm prettty proud. So with this in mind, we decided it was in our best interest to pay a tiler to get moving on the 2nd floor bathrooms while I complete tasks no one else wants to do, namely, building a sh*t ton more of Ikea cabinets. 

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