Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Priming our 2nd floor is going as well as one would imagine. I started with the ceilings knowing they would be the worst. My neck is only mildly sore from the constant tilt up, and I just finished day two. I am a painful 7' remainig to cut in, from being finished, but had to pack it all up in order to make a work comittment. It kills me to know I didn't complete my task, but it isn't like it was the very last bit to prime. I have walls and  trim waiting for me. Luckily I'll be at work tomorrow resting my arms. Well, sort of. At least I'll be using different muscles. 

You wouldn't even know I'd primed this ceiling except for the brown paint the last inhabitant painted the cove molding.  

For the most part, priming ceilings is one of the most visually unrewarding tasks thus far. However, the house, not wanting me to think it was done sloughing off the nasty of the last 100yrs, decided to introduce me to a paint finish (sweet lord I hope it was paint) that is still slimy and slippery after all these years. So the room that is now divided up into the jack and jill bathrooms, closets, and laundry, was once a windowless, lightless room. This room was painted orange and covered in a dappled brown splatter that looked like a diseased cow hide. For the most part, Christopher and I tore out all the old shriveled plaster and the contractors put up a high performance sheet rock in the new bathroom and closets that is well suited for damp environments and rental properties. 

Yet, the ceilings in the new closets were waiting for me, daring me to cover them. So I tried, and I tried. The Kilz, usually so magnificent, just smeared around and turned a rust color. For a time I was worried the ceiling had been leaking again, even with our new roof. But it happened in all of the closets. It was horrifying. I can only hope that after drying, the Kilz will allow me to get a more stable second coat. *Shiver*


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