Monday, June 27, 2016

Back in full swing

Sunday was the beginning of a terrific week for us. The good plumber showed up at 8am to start sorting out our gas line so that we can get our hot water back on and he can schedule for our plumbing inspection, which will be followed by a flurry of activity to finish the 2nd floor apartment. I did happen to call him my hero and did have to hold myself back from running at him and hugging him when he arrived. He is very old school NY and I'm still getting a feel for how he'd respond to an unsicited 8am hug-tackle.

Monday started off even earlier at 7am with more plumber, and Christopher and I finished moving our lives into the basement. I have been struggling with letting go of our couch and tv setup in the livingroom but seeing as how we are scheduled to have the contractor begin framing our unit tomorrow, it was time. So now we live here:

It isn't so bad, just dark. It is clean though, which is a big step up from the rubble strewn livingroom/construction zone of yore. It has everything a girl could need, a chair, table, mini fridge, microwave, and fully stocked bar - I am a realist. 

Our new livingroom:

The new music/practice room:

We are still sleeping upstairs in our bedroom/supply-storage and I am going to attempt to hold onto that tiny bit of comfort until the bitter end. 

Hopefully at the end of the week I will have more good news to share! It was getting pretty dark around here so we have been completely overjoyed at our bits of sunshine. 

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