Friday, July 15, 2016

2nd Floor Rental Kitchen Progress

I ended my last post hoping to share good news. And as luck would have it, I do have some good construction news.  The cabinets are in upstairs! The rental kitchen is starting to really look like a kitchen as opposed to the bleak pit of despair it was when we originally purchased the building. Let's have a look back at what we were dealing with.

Anyone have an uncontrollable urge to scratch their eyes out? I personally have no words, just a general sense of queasiness in my stomach.  Boy howdy we've managed to come a long way. We aren't finished, but the cabinets are in:

We put doors and drawers into place:

We put the jewelry on this morning. Look at the pretties. I bought a template for $5 rather than reinvent the wheel (I have 3 more kitchens to go with our building and my parent's BedStuy property). We used two sizes of handles and we have three different drawer sizes that we were working with, so for this kitchen alone, I would have ended up making 7 different templates. No thank you. The $5 was worth it, considering the kit also came with a brand new perfectly sized drill bit. 

Doing a little tidy up work before the counter top template guy showed up. Unfortunately, he ended up leaving before completing the template as the stove was installed too close to the old chimney bump out not leaving space for the backsplash to wrap around and thus no template was made. I am in the process of contacting our contractors who installed the cabs while I was in WA, to give them the good news that they have to install a filler piece and, oh fun, move the cabinets surrounding the stove and fridge over the the right 3/4". Doh!

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