Friday, February 27, 2015

Making Plans

Plans are being laid, wheels are spinning and nothing is moving as fast as I'd like. I can guarantee this will be an unending tune. In addition to the work that lays ahead for our two units in our house, my parent's have a place in Bed Stuy they just closed on that needs work as well. I'll be working on both in tandem. It should help us all out. Instead of my parent's getting bids from several contractors on their job and us getting several bids for ours, we'll coordinate and combine forces. Sharing human resources in a city the size of NY takes away some of the overwhelmed feeling I get now and again.

But for now, here's a peak at what we're up against. Care to take a walk through our unit?

Front Entry Door


Entry Hall, Kitchen ahead, Living to the left

Yes, fly traps are delicately hung from the ceiling. That fire extinguisher does send up some red flags in my mind as there was no kitchen range when I first moved in.


 All cabinet doors attached with new single hinge system, determining which will be the attachment point is my favorite new game; avoid opening. 


The plywood door and security gate feature come at not extra charge. Also, there's extra ventilation from non closing and broken windows.

First Bedroom

Second Bedroom

Third Bedroom 
Third Bedroom

 Don't open the cabinets, just don't.


TAPE AS TILE! Plus, don't mind the black grout,  it is simply caulking applied as super secret efficient cleaning method - no need to remove, just trap it in.

Close up on the monstrosity that is TAPE AS TILE. I can't even begin to imagine what lies beneath.

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