Thursday, February 12, 2015

One Year and Eight Months Later

We did it. One year and eight months later, we signed, rather I signed all the lines. Who knew my 5-year-old obsession with He-man would one day lead me to a 4 hour house closing in which I would get to exclaim, "I HAVE THE POWER!" (of Attorney, that is).

The legal struggle is no where near an end but of the two legal units, the first floor is completely empty and ready to move into. This is beyond wonderful as Sophie dog and I are currently living in an apartment without heat. That is a story worthy of it's own zip-code. To put it succinctly, our landlord passed away leaving no heirs or will. The other two owners of the property have been fighting in court. The not so capable or not so sane gentleman living in the basement (illegally without working plumbing I will add) has attempted to extort the current tenants for cash for heat. The boiler is working and all calls to NYC 311 building department have been fruitless. The police have shown up three times attempting to rectify the situation but have no ability to remove the Basement Troll from the premises nor keep him from turning the heat off in an attempt to freeze us out. I'm sure that a year from now I'll look back and laugh, possibly hysterically, at the situation. For now, I am anxious making the move alone which C works in Nashville and nervous to be in a new neighborhood.

Here's to a new adventure!

Up next, a meeting with an architect tomorrow morning to get this ball of wax rolling along.

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